Kitale, Kenya for Jesus!

On Thursday the 29 September 2016, five Revive All Nations staff members embarked on a five day revival campaign in Kitale,Kenya.


The Revive All Nations team was lead by Evangelist Herman Snell. The revival campaign started on Friday, 30 September 2016 and ended Monday, 3 October 2016. Intense planning for a period of four months culminated in such a great campaign. Revive All Nations worked in collaboration with Apostle Reuben Wanyama of the Gods Grace and Compassion Ministry in Kitale. 


Our travels included a 9 hour flight from Cape Town International Airport to Addis Abbaba in Ethiopia, a three hour layover, a three hour flight to from Addis Abbaba to Niarobi and then a nine hour drive to the town of Kitale. On arrival we received a spirit-filled welcome from the GGCM leadership team and were then escorted to our accommodation lodge which was five minutes away from the GGCM church. The ministry trip consisted of six revivalservices, including a leadership workshop with various pastors from Kenya and abroad. As the days passed, each revival meeting was accompanied by an increase in Gods manifest presence which resulted in numerous deliverance and healings taking place. The entire team was overwhelmed by the way our heavenly Father directed and used us to touch the desperate and hungry people of Kitale, Kenya.


In the dusty town of Kitale, God chose to use us as His instruments of hope, love, deliverance and healing…igniting the people of Kitale with the love-filled Gospel message of transformation. In coming back home, we have left behind our new Kenyan family, whose love and humility will forever be etched in our hearts.


Thank you all for your financial and spiritual support as we anticipate many more divine open doors of ministry unto our Father. Jesus is Lord!